Anke (ankewehner) wrote,


Oookay, what'd I get done today?
  • Sketching for an art exchange - I got something that is not just "standing there", so that is good.
  • Writing one and a half bits of flash fiction.
  • More copyediting for jeriendhal , though I want to double-check some stuff before I send it over.
  • Some tinkering with the way the character lists on are displayed, so the screenshots I need for examples for my paper are neater.
Also, online "window"shopping for a new PC. Then my mother suggested we might just swap laptops (hers is newer, bigger, and kinda over-powered for her needs) which is worth a try. But I'll definitely finish my paper on THIS one, not moving all my files over, even if we do go through with it.

In other news, I managed to jam two of my fingers yesterday experimenting with my camera tripod, and cut one on my right hand on a small plastic tub of seasoned butter. Wonder what'll happen tomorrow, or if that is it.
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