Anke (ankewehner) wrote,

"End" in sight

For the art exchange code, apart from some bug-fixing and trouble-shooting (can you get guns for that? Maybe a shotgun...), I finished the email confirmation script today.
I'd really like to add a forum, but in the light of the fact that I need to write it all up in a paper, I guess I'll put that off until the paper is written.
That leaves on the to-do list:
  • Add a "forgot password?" link that will reset a password.
  • Find a place for a link to the Blacklist/Adoptions that makes sense.
  • Make sure statistics are updated whenever appropriate, or at least add the updates to the script that runs daily.
  • Smallstuff in display tweaking, like not showing an empty "last image for you" box when someone has not received images yet, or fine-tuning paddings/margins.
Well, I would really like to revamp the "upload an additional image to a round" feature - I removed the link to it because I don't want another old member returning using it to upload their regular submissions to old rounds, because that means I have to hunt through the database to fix things, rather than doing the simple copy and paste job I can do otherwise. (Failure of communication/clear labelling on my part, obviously.)

And I'd like to add the bit where people can mark an additional recipient/mark that an image includes both characters belonging to someone else, and to the artist, because quoting_mungo uploaded one like the latter. (Also, her uploading her old art makes me happy, because there are more actual images to look at. :D)

There's a  laundry list of other things, but, eh... those two are already partly implemented.

Oh, I also spent some time giving my father computer help.

Tags: art exchange script

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