Anke (ankewehner) wrote,

more Character Art Exchange programming


I've simplified the database backend a bit, and been working on making the code in general less haphazard and more sytematic and annotated. I've been wrangling CSS to get dropdown/flyout navigation that works across browsers, and got it to work in Firefox and Chrome and IE only after using a table for the layout. IE and floating seems to act rather odd.
And there was some general troubleshooting and fixing.

Features added are an adoption page that is rather hidden, but it's not usable at the moment anyway since the people who are late did not sign up (apart from one, who then went and submitted the late image pretty quickly).
And the image comments now allow nested replies, and both comments on images you uploaded and replies to comments you left show up on the "Your Account" page, including "reply" links.

I need a breeeaaak. @_@

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