Anke (ankewehner) wrote,

MOAR coding

Kuroiyousei reported a bug this morning, so right back into stuff.

Oh, that frustrating CSS stuff I finally got right yesterday? I went and ditched that bit of navigation. XD

Instead there's a menu in the gallery involving dropdowns that lets you combine things, "from round", "from artist", "for recipient". So you can check, "Show all images user X has drawn for user Y", or "Show all images user X drew for round Z". The latter is usually 1.

If only one image is found, you get automatically forwarded to that one image, rather than being presented with a gallery with one thumbnail. And if someone picks the same name as "from" and "for", they'll be forwarded to the reference images gallery of that user.

There is no dropdown for Characters. That's one for the "nice to have" list, and would take the form of one showing the characters belonging to one recipient, and show up only when a recipient is set.
See, the full list list includes every name any image was "tagged" with, which are already *checks* 99.
*looks at the query she used to find that number just now*
*comes back 25 minutes later*
It doesn't play well with reference images, but, well, there it is.

I also added a database-based FAQ. Easier to add to.
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