Anke (ankewehner) wrote,

Spent far too much time today wrangling CSS. But making progress.

I also started cleaning up the gallery code, trying out an idea I had about assembling the MySQL statement in bits, which cut the length of that part of the code by a lot, and added flexibility for gallery display by combining queries - that is, not only "images of character X" or "images by artist Y", but only images that fit both. Also added a "not by", which I guess makes most sense for "show images of a character, excluding reference images".


You know, there's a word in German I'd like to introduce non-German-speakers to:


It's a portmanteau of "verschlimmern" and "verbessern", which mean "to make worse" and "to improve", respectively. "Verschlimmbessern" means something like, "making something worse while trying to improve it", or "breaking something in the process of trying to fix it".

I think I need a break, a step back, and a list, on paper, of things I need to do to "finish" the site, before I get caught up in details any MORE.
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