Anke (ankewehner) wrote,

*phew* Started the morning with getting some more than the absolute essential stuff off my old harddisc. That included the records of previous art exchange rounds, so I started contacting the people who took part in the past, but haven't registered on the new site yet. And I went and put a link to it in most of my old exchange pictures on DeviantArt, which, as advertising goes, is about as passive as it gets, but I'd still like to work out a few kinks...

Today I mostly concentrated on cleaning up the way the site displays. I made a site I called "Status screen", which gave me trouble because I don't know WHAT to name it, which for now displays info about upcoming and running rounds, including the status of the person logged in ("signed up"/"not signed up", and "You draw for X, the image is due in Y days...") as well as a list of the most recent comments people left on images the logged in viwer uploaded.

I have a lot of cleaning-up of code to do, and in the course of that I want to tweak things so that the navigation becomes more context-sensitive. I mean, the account tool links would only show up on the Status screen and maybe main page, and in any gallery it would be links to other galleries.

Oh, and with the old data I got sidetracked. I went and started a php-and-mysql database for tagging my images.

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