Anke (ankewehner) wrote,

Didn't get as far with coding as I'd hoped today, because my desktop computer decided that it wasn't going to show me anything. Screen went black, and stayed black, pretty much.

Not having a good backing-up habit, and missing the work from yesterday, I went shopping. Now I have a SATA-to-USB adapter, and could hook up the old harddisc to my laptop to get the files. In hindsight, maybe I should have checked if an adapter including a power supply for a more permanent setup might have been worthwhile, because this setup isn't that practical.

Emergency backup - looks scary, but works.

Now I hooked up the big screen and tablet and keyboard to my laptop, and now I'm running a dual screen setup, which IS rather fun. *g*

Anyway, quoting_mungo had reported another problem with file uploads, so I concentrated on that stuff. With her troubleshooting I figured out why some png files produced errors, and fixed that.

Plus, I took most of the thumbnail-building and re-wrote into a more general image-shrinking function, with the one building thumbnails wrapped around it. The code is neater, the bug making it not work for gifs is gone, and I added stuff that'll mean transparency in gifs or pngs will be handled properly, rather than given a black background. Yay for people who leave useful code snippets at!

Then there was a scare caused by me not uploading all files. Not so yay.

I'd like to have more results, but I think I'm coded-out for today.

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