Anke (ankewehner) wrote,

OK, then, the email weirdness was very easy to solve once I looked up global variables. *cough*

I got the reminder-of-round-end mails programmed, looks good so far, and I set it up so that one should be sent to me overnight.

Then I tried some not strictly neccessary streamlining of code, only to figure out that it didn't work, so I got rid of half an afternoons work again.

Therefore it's a bit of a hackjob, but on the offline version, the sidebar of a logged in user will display if they are way overdue for an assignment (in addition to the current round and last finished round, which I got done yesterday), as well as an adoption they promised to do.

Picking up adoptions works. What's missing is a way to drop a pledged adoption, and a place to put the list of people who have been stiffed, and some safeguards...

That by the way got me sidetracked into trying to figure out who was still owed adoption images. The offline version now supports gallery views for "show all images that were adoptions", as well as "show all images by user A for user B as well as images by user B for user A" - I'm not certain yet how to link to those in a way that makes sense, but for now it helps me finding things.

momentsdrift is awesome, I gotta say. She immediately volunteered when I asked if someone might test the website a bit, she's one of the people who went and uploaded her old submissions, even though she wasn't all that happy with some of the old ones, and... I had not realised completely, but she took part in each and every round since the start. 46!! ( I didn't. I skipped a few because I either didn't finish the previous one on time, or because I dodn't think I could handle it.)
And she's been stiffed a total of 5 times. I did draw three adoption images for her over the years, and I'll see if I can't tackle at least one more...

Mad props also to quoting_mungo for troubleshooting and suggestions, [personal profile] beccastareyes for some testing help as well as replacing the placeholder-records with her real images quick like a fiend, and moon_fox for uploading the first entirely new image to the site - particularly since it was long overdue.

I'm so stoked about this project, can you tell? XD

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