Anke (ankewehner) wrote,

We were promised snow for the afternoon. However, it mostly waited arriving until it was dark outside, making watching it kinda not so great. Oh, well.

I noticed that the orchid who had sprouted a new flower stalk had also sprouted some mold on a root tip. I cut back the unhealthy-looking roots a bit, and hope the poor dear will recover.

Coding-wise, I made some progress. I added a really basic opt-in email notification system for comments on images you uploaded, and images uploaded for you. The comment thing definitely works, the other I couldn't test yet, but [personal profile] beccastareyes said she'd try reuploading one of the pics she drew for me later.

Only I can't figure out how to not have it apparently come from a www-data@ address. It's pulling the headers from the same place as the "welcome" mail when you register, and there it worked. I tried putting that -f parameter in, which at least means if someone replies to one of those mails it'll end up in a mailbox that exists, but it's really weird. :/

Another thing I had in mind was an option to tell the site "send me an email X days before a round ends if I have not submitted an image yet", and/or "send me an email X days before a new round starts, so I can make sure I am signed up/not signed up, depending on my workload".

And since I wanted somewhat related info for the sidebar, anyway, I wrote a class for general status, including Upcoming and Running rounds as well as the last finished one, as well as the status of the logged in user in all of those. Or maybe that was just me getting sidetracked, but, anyway, right now, if you're logged in, you see right away and reasonably neatly what's up.

(What's not covered yet is "you owe someone an image in a round that's further back in time than the last finished one", and "you have promised someone an adoption image".)

So, well, back to the Reminder Emails, I got it so far:
- get the running and upcoming rounds (see above)
- get "how many days in the future will the next round END" (right now, 15)
- get a list of ids of users who said they wanted a reminder email 15 days before a round ends.

I already have the signed-up-or-not/submitted-an-image-or-not info, and then it bogs down in ifs and elses that I won't be tackling today.

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