Anke (ankewehner) wrote,

Two more regulars from the LJ art exchange registered at so I had ~75 more image records to copy and paste, yay! I hope I caught all the errors. <_<

I cleaned up the character pages (profiles are displayed even to not logged in users, was the main problem, and "profiles" of charas who are only registered by name don't get linked), and I got the changed gallery stuff sorted out to upload. Mostly the lists of links are a bit more orderly, but I added the added functionality that there's numbers how many images everyone has already uploaded or received. I also split the gallery of images someone drew for others from the one with references of their own characters, and each of those three galleries per person has a link to each of the other two.

I really want to refine the navigation, as in, if I'm looking at the gallery for a Round, show links to all other Round galleries in a sidebar; stuff like that.

Priorities, though. I'm making headway with the "Pledge an adoption" feature. It's tying in with lots of things, including navigation (which right now includes a note if you owe an image, which would also include a pledged adoption).

So I guess I'll tackle Email Notifications before Adoptions.
The good news is that it shouldn't be too difficult to run a script that checks "send a reminder mail today?" once a day. My webhosting plan allows me to set up 5 cron jobs, so all I have to do is script something that should run once a day, upload it, and enter its url in a form on their user backend.

Oh, yeah, and I finished my MAX image, but I haven't uploaded it anywhere public.

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