Anke (ankewehner) wrote,

Soo, yesterday was time for grocery shopping, and today started with shoveling a bit of snow.

Otherwise, I enjoy playing with and improving on the website. I did take off yesterday from coding, apart from fixing a few small things that went wrong, but I did copy and paste "blank" records for us four regulars and one occasional participant who signed up already to upload the image files properly attached to everyone else.

Today back to coding, though I notice I get kinda sidetracked. A big chunk of today was spent rewriting/restructuring the code that displays the galleries - it's a whole lot less convoluted now. And I made neater lists of former rounds and users to put on the main gallery site. (Offline only, so far, because it also changed the links, and I want to make sure I changed them everywhere.)

So, plan is now, do only enough to make those changes work, and then tackle the Adoptions, followed by email notifications, before I start on other nice-to-have things.

The MAX image will be a last-day entry. It's mostly finished, but I was starting to get sloppy, so some details will get coloured tomorrow.
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