Anke (ankewehner) wrote,


Time for grocery shopping, including starting to stock up in case we get snowed in, and just general "buy stuff before it's sold out before the holidays".

Buying early is a good idea. I bought salt for the sidewalk a week or two ago. At one grocery store, the couple behind me was buying a whole box of table salt packages because road salt was sold out everywhere...

I wrested an error message from the site. Unsurprisingly it turned out the problem was a server setting, but knowing what it was meant I could go find a workaround. Now logging in with OpenID works.

I made a list of things I want to fix - most of it is putting instructions, descriptions and pre-emptive FAQs on the page - to get done tomorrow, and if nothing else goes wrong, I expect it can go into alpha-testing tomorrow.

Creative stuff
Tried some portrait sketches playing with lighting, and started work on a 5x7 colourpencil thingy. Unicorn.

Online stuff
Keeping up with traditionalmedia submissions.

have an octopus - have a pretty bird, too

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