Anke (ankewehner) wrote,


Tidied up my room today, which needed it.

Creative stuff
I've experimented a bit with photographing ink clouds in water. Tricky. Best result so far involved putting a sheet of paper at the back of the (square) vase I used, and the lamp behind that. Might have to see if I still have tracing paper to get more light through. Or possibly add a second lamp...

I also finally spent some time on random sketches again. Switching from my desktop to the laptop, which can stand on the tilted desk, helps. I think replacing the mouse with a stylus fools my brain into thinking I AM drawing a lot because I have a "pen" in my hand. Plus, I can keep half an eye on messenger windows rather than having to turn, and on the smaller screen I'm not so easily sucked into random surfing or similar distractions.

Online activities
Keeping abreast of deviantart messages.

Highlight: turbofanatic came up with a wicked awesome angel design, and an even better bit of flash fiction to go with it
Tags: angels

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