Anke (ankewehner) wrote,

Went to the meeting with the prof.
I did a poor job of explaining things because I did it in the wrong order, but he's happy with the progress since the basics are working.

Creative stuff
Well, I've drawn Sylvie in the storyboarding course. :P

Didn't even touch the MRCAEX image since I slept in... I'd been lying awake yesterday until 3 am, which sucks. Oh, well. I've got no plans for tomorrow that involve leaving the house, so I can get some stuff done then.

Online activities
Voted on all new submissions to traditionalmedia. That were nearly a hundred, because someone thought it a good idea to dump a full 65 suggestions for the group favourites in one go. That feature is used pretty rarely, but WHEN someone decides to use it for something other than suggesting their own art (which I decline), it seems to be big chunks like that. So I went and changed the setting to limit it to 5 per person and day.

Have two pics I faved today:

I also got my Seeking Mr Eaten's Name up to 4 on Echo Bazaar. Saw someone claim the Ivied Wall card shows up at least until it's up to 5.

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