Anke (ankewehner) wrote,

Dreaming about Dogs and an Author

I was walking through a part of Andernach that really existed. Then I came a bit of ruin that doesn’t exist in real life. Looked like remnants of a small tower, whose ground floor was smaller than the one above. There were some Latin inscriptions near the door.

More unusually, on the small plaza in front of it, was a dog. There had been a dog statue nearby, and it had come nearby. The general shape was a big but not massive dog – long legs – and it was “upscaled” to it was taller than me. It did seem calm and a little curious, but the size made me nervous, so I moved on.

Back on the street as it really exists, the next unusual sight I passed was Neil Gaiman on a bicycle watching the traffic for a gap to drive out on the street. Apparently in dreamland, he lives in a small town in the Rhineland.

A bit further down the road, on the other side of it (I was coming from the direction of the “industrial” district, towards the ruins/old gate near the hospital, and the spot I mean is right across from the gate – Koblenzer Tor, I think) was another dog statue, this one smaller, more short legs, massive chest… and a pointed snout. It looked kinda cartoony and angry. I took a turn up another street before I could tell for sure if that one had come alive, too, or not, because if it did, I didn’t want to be near it.

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