Anke (ankewehner) wrote,

“Women don’t buy comics”

manga_critic on Twitter pointed out:

I love the retailer who turns up at The Beat to refute Shaenon’s arguments by pointing to his man-cave marketing strategies. link

“Only men who like superhero floppies patronize my shop, ergo no female audience for comics exists!” link

The first time I entered a comic shop, they had a huge display of Art Fantastix near the entrance. The most memorable covers were a closeup of a female ass getting grabbed by a male hand, and a woman apparently being fucked by alien furniture. (Do I have to spell out those links are Not Safe For Work?)

With the impression that the place was mostly a porn shop catering to men, it was a decade before I entered it again. In that time, I filled two bookcases with manga and albums/trade paperbacks, and a few boxes with “floppies”, bought in bookshops, in the second comic shop in town, or online.

I don’t understand why some shopkeepers and a big chunk of the comics industry have decided they don’t want the money of people who happen to be female. Maybe because they would have to at least pretend they considered us people, rather than tits&ass on legs.

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