Anke (ankewehner) wrote,

30 days of writing, day 27 (looks and coming up with them)

27. Along similar lines, do appearances play a big role in your stories? Tell us about them, or if not, how you go about designing your characters.
So far, probably less than they should. For example Sylvie does stand out in most crowds...

When making up looks for someone, I mainly go by "what do my other characters, particularly ones that interact with this one, not look like?", except when I want a certain (family) resemblance in there. And I realise there are vast categories I haven't even started tapping yet.
Sometimes there's "what kind of look goes well with their personality?"
Sometimes there's "I like this and that character from comic/movie/whatever X, let's start mine looks-wise as a variation of them".
And, well, I try to pay some attention to what real people look like, and mix and match a bit, particularly using somewhat unusual features, to keep the characters recognisable. (Sylvie got her eyebrows from a woman I saw on the bus once. Gabriel got his current nose based on my maternal grandfather's, when I noticed he was too similar to another character of mine. Stuff like that.)
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