Anke (ankewehner) wrote,

Flash Fiction: Departure

The door was wide open. It led from the old cellar to a corridor whose one side was all windows, with blue light filtering through. There was a faintly glowing threshold dividing the dirt floor on this side from the carpet on the other.

Nicolas took a deep breath and stepped through. The door collapsed to a fading point of light immediately after.

Angus didn’t like it. He hadn’t liked much of anything since Nicolas had found him—well, that was unjust. After the initial worry the human would cause a stir, it was nice being able to talk to him openly. For a while. Until he had turned more or less to blackmail. His secrecy in exchange for knowledge. If it had been anyone else, things would have been different, but Angus couldn’t work against the rightful owner of the house.

Hopefully he had paid attention and didn’t cause any messes. Or run into any dangers too big to handle.

On the other hand, if he stayed disappeared, this might solve the problem. They just had to take care whoever inherited or bought the house didn’t spot them.

That might be Nicolas’ sister, at that. She should arrive any day now, invited to watch the house.

Considering that affront, Angus decided he didn’t want Nicolas to come back. As if a house spirit couldn’t do the job.

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