Anke (ankewehner) wrote,

Welcome to the Junkyard

Wrote a 55-words ficlet for tomorrow, and added another 300-or-so words to the bit with Nico and Daaren. I'm looking forward to continuing that one.

She gets to explain a) that he died, b) that he isn't dead now, c) that he's stuck in a bloody weird space station with no way back where he came from, and d) what a space station is and how life there works. I think I might have some fun with the last point.
*points out really, really huge room* "Stuff shows up here. And people. You did. What? Oh, all kinds of stuff. Ships. Paperclips. We get semi-regular deluges of left socks. The cotton ones provide a good chunk of the biomass in our system."
Tags: writing
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