Anke (ankewehner) wrote,

"I Write Like" lotsa people

Yes, more story-wanking. Kinda unfortunate timing, but, eh.

jeriendhal made a post with results from a website that tells you whose writing yours resembles, based on a statistical analysis of word choice and writing style.

Sooo I went and fed each of my Fridaily stories that had more than 200 words to it. Here are the results, sorted by frequency of author, then age:

Stephen King: Odd Partners, Chilling Effect, All the Nuts, Parasites, A small goddess

Dan Brown: Fangs Don't Help, Cut Roots to Grow, On Sharing One's Feelings
(Those are all stories in which I wanted to explore the background of one of my characters or worlds. Together with the reactions to "Dan Brown"-results in the above-linked comment thread, I'm not entirely sure what to think. I have no idea about his writing style, since I never read any of his books, just dislike his pretending his fiction is fact.)

Vladimir Nabokov: Patterns, Down a Wrong Path
James Joyce: Wishmaking, Talk on the Road

Douglas Adams: Chaos (This story dates from 2005.)
P.G. Wodehouse: At the Bottom of the Garden
J.K. Rowling: Human Affairs
Lewis Carroll: Dark Thoughts
H.P. Lovecraft: Memory
J.D. Salinger: Family Values
Tags: memes, writing

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