Anke (ankewehner) wrote,

Sketch Fest June 2010

Ellen Million has been organising these for a bit, and I finally managed to participate. The idea is that people post prompts, and people who want to draw based on those prompts, spending no more than one hour in each sketch.

The thread with my prompts, and other people’s images based on them.

Here are my sketches; I collected the simpler ones in digital collages to preserve space.

Sketch Fest 10-06 Colour Sketch Fest 10-06 Black and White Crescent Angel Dangerous Mermaid

Apart from the Moon&Sun elves, which I offered to the prompt writer first, those are all available for sale, in a price range from 2 to 14 euros, plus shipping.

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Tags: 2d art, drawings, sketch fest

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