Anke (ankewehner) wrote,

Flash fiction: Wishmaking

After weeks of searching, Mara had finally found the spirit pond. She knelt and recited the traditional verses that attracted the spirits. They communicated with each other, an echo of which tickled the human’s mind, faint like sounds just at the edge of hearing.
She ended her invocation: “By the seekers’ pact, I ask, grant me a wish.”
What is your wish? the spirits asked in her thoughts.
“I want to be able to see the future. I-”
She perceived that the spirits did not want to hear her reasons. She didn’t guess that they knew them already. They could see the thoughts of helping beloved people avoid death, and buried beyond those the wish to be special and respected. After a short exchange among themselves, the spirits agreed.
Very well. Their satisfied mood seemed benevolent to the human. You will have your wish when you wake up. Now sleep, child.
Making her tired enough to curl up on the spot was nothing. The actual magic would take a bit more effort.
And time.
On the ground of the slowly silting pond a stone egg waited to be found and cracked. It would be a huge surprise.
Archaeologists don’t expect to dig up living people.

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Tags: fantasy, fiction, flash fiction

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