Anke (ankewehner) wrote,

Flash Fiction: Reassurance

When Lilly woke up from fitful sleep, her lover asked, “Bad dreams again?”
“Yes. They say when you dream the same thing three nights in a row, it will come true.”
He put an arm across her and pulled her close. Reassuring. “I hadn’t heard that. What is it that worries you so?”
“Collins turned out to be a werewolf and killed my father and…” She shook her head. The man was an old friend of her family, and the idea, once voiced, seemed silly.
“No, he isn’t.”
Half-joking, not knowing why he suddenly was so tense and serious, she asked, “Why are you so certain?”
A pause, and a deep breath followed by a brittle whisper. “We can smell our own.”

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Tags: flash fiction

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