Anke (ankewehner) wrote,

Another gallery update

Well, what with cold and otherwise induced brainfog, this was a dead month, blogging-wise. Let’s start the next one off, then.

Ink Flowers Capricorn Chicken Aquarius Chicken Pisces Chickens Aries Chicken Taurus Chicken Gemini Chickens Cancer Chicken Retta for Kuroiyousei

I’m way more proud than I should be about finishing the Zodiac Chickens series. If you want to see all on one view, try the “Zodiac” tag.

Insect Photos:
Black Bug Long Legs Praying Mayfly Antlers Off-Season Pelt Clover, Grass and Hopper Shiny and bristly

Stag beetles are supposedly very rare, yet we keep finding them in our garden. I think it’s because our family tends to leave treestumps in the earth; the beetles’ larvae feed on rotting wood.

Flowers and other Nature stuff:
Cloudscape Flying Shadow Red, red, red Gathering Red Sunlight Pinkness! Gathering Yellow Sunlight

And some old-ish buildings:
In Neuwied In Neuwied In Neuwied In Neuwied In Koblenz

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