April 16th, 2013



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The inner gate opened, admitting a woman with hair shorn short, and a still sore tattoo on her forehead.

“We’re up to eighty already?” Katya’s loud voice made the newcomer flinch.

“Yeah. Rats got the last five,” Rani drawled back.

Their number eighty straightened, recognising the game for what it was.

Sun in her back, Rani approached her. “All right, Eighty, here’s the rules. You do what you’re told, you guard the Rift, and you’ll live a while yet. Look for Seventeen, she’ll show you the ropes. Understood?”


Her voice was firm. Maybe she’d last more than a day.

I'm now halfway through the April A to Z challenge, with fiction with at most 100 words. The prompt "Numbered" came from Lyn Thorne-Alder, "Newcomer" from Ellen Million.

If you have prompts for later in the alphabet, please give them to me. :)

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