December 18th, 2011


Designer Virus

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Ignoring her aching muscles, Janissa dragged the cowed suit across the yard of the experimental farm by his revers. It had taken a lot of self-control to not shoot him in the face. For what needed to be done, her shotgun wasn’t enough. She wasn’t even aware she was muttering strings of curses punctuated with repetitions of “deliberately”.

“None of the tests suggested any danger,” the guy whined. “There must have been a mutation.”

“Or maybe rats are not humans! Don’t give me your stupid excuses. Where can we get gasoline here?”
His eyes went even wider. “Look, I’m all for terminating the experiment and destroying the enhancement—”

“Virus!” Janissa snapped. “Stop the propaganda-speech.”

“Virus, but an uncontrolled fire might do more harm than good.”

“And risk monsters running wild?”

“Ah, well…”

Janissa stopped and faced him, narrowing her eyes at his tone. “What?”

“You may have a point about humans being different. They seem to be the only species that goes all, you know… bloodthirsty. The cattle just gets slow and apathetic.”

“That I want to see. And you go in first.” She emphasised her point by tipping her shotgun in his general direction.

He nodded to that happily enough, and led Janissa into the barn.

She followed wearily, fearing a trap even though her gut feeling said he wasn’t up to setting one. All she saw were cows standing where they belonged, placidly. As the guy stood aside, she had a look at the nearest animal. Janissa had no direct experience with cows, but she didn’t think its nose should be grey and cracking. Was it even breathing?

Her drafted guide had calmed down and actually answered her muttered “What the hell were they thinking?”

“The… virus slows down the metabolism, particularly in the extremities, but affects the digestion and milk production hardly at all. The result is more milk per pound of fodder, and besides, they are sluggish and less… prone… to…” He would down and swallowed in the face of Janissa’s glare.

“So everyone in my neighbourhood who wasn’t lactose intolerant turned into a zombie to maximise your profits.” After a beat she added, “Go away before I shoot you.”

Based on the prompt "Undead cattle" by Mayfly

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Flash Fiction Fishbowl 2 Report

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Twelve people left prompts this fishbowl, two more than in the first attempt.

I've finished 10 pieces of flash fiction, with a total wordcount of about 2700, and started another four (which if I finish them will be included in the ebook).

Three people tipped so far, making three additional stories available right away. We also cracked the minimum threshold for an ebook. I want to experiment a bit how much detail takes me how much work and time, so it might take a while.

Stories Published Immediately

Antiques - 432 words
Prompt by Lindsay B.: "An 1800s surgical kit (pic:"

Persistent Growth - 267 words
Combines the prompts "Growth" by Eliza and "Spooky plants" Ellen Million.

Appliance Psychic - 430 words
Prompt by Becky: "the toaster becomes sentinent"

Designer Virus - 367 words
Prompt by Mayfly: "Undead cattle"

Other Finished Stories

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