December 2nd, 2011


Minimalist Camouflage

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Nico found Daaren cleaning the kitchen table, and placed a little metal disc on it with a click.

“What’s that?”

“Tax plaque. Has our telephone number, too, so if you get caught again some other full moon, the pound calls.”

Daaren didn’t touch it while working through the implications. “I won’t wear a collar.”

“I can fix it to a bandana. Which still goes round the neck…”

He sighed. “It works. Do me a favour and don’t use a red one, though.”

“What is it with you and red?”

He was wound up enough to snap. “Red is for targets!”

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Since LJ is acting up so much, I thought I'd point out that everything except the collected Twitter posts is crossposted on Dreamwidth, so if you want to watch my journal there, too, it's an option. My username there is Anke.
I have a few invite codes, in case anybody who hasn't yet would like to start an account there, too, I'd just need to know your email address and the fact that you want one.

In other news, I'm tentatively considering another Flash Fiction Fishbowl/call for prompts, Sunday the earliest, or maybe later in the week. Topic will be horror (but open to other prompts, too).