November 11th, 2011


Мои твиты

  • Чт, 12:30: RT @mcahogarth: A Rosary of Stones and Thorns, FINAL. The end of the book! #serial #fantasy
  • Чт, 13:16: RT @MShades01: My pyrokinetic turned out to be a librarian, of all things. Go figure....
  • Чт, 13:17: That story made me think about a 400-year-old Bible I saw once, and my mental description included, "bigger than a breadbox". I blame Nico.
  • Чт, 13:36: In theory, I have two different pairs of fingerless gloves. In praxis, I have one mismatched pair of fingerless gloves. So it goes.
  • Чт, 13:39: RT @McKelvie: . @twitter Find the Activities tab to be both a bit invasive & much less useful than retweet tab. Most of the info in it i ...
  • Чт, 13:57: If it's UNIVERSAL Serial Bus, why are there half a dozen different B-ends to it? *fishes for RIGHT cable*
  • Чт, 14:06: #Photo I took yesterday (8th NOVEMBER) of a rather confused apple tree.
  • Чт, 16:15: I have an inordinate fondness for sharing #randomfacts when reminded of them.
  • Пт, 07:36: Good morning. Today (11.11. at 11:11) the Carnival Season starts in Germany! (I'd like to note that this *predates* Remembrance Day.)
  • Пт, 07:39: Instead of a day to honour dead soldiers, Germany has Volkstrauertag a bit later, honouring all victims of war or violent oppressive regimes
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