July 18th, 2011


Three Kintaran Stories by Elizabeth McCoy

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"Leaping Lizards", "The Best Revenge", and "What Really Matters" are three science fiction short stories published as separate ebooks. They take place in the same universe, and mostly follow Kinahran, a young cat-centaur growing up on a clan-ship of her people.

I've read and listed them in publishing order, starting with the freebie introductory story. (Covers below link to Smashwords sites.)

Leaping Lizards cover, showing two white cat-centaurs in front of storage boxes and a circuit-like design The Best Revenge cover, showing a white cat-centaur child with a hindleg in a cast sitting on the back of a grown black and white, in the background a brown tabby climbing on storage boxes What Really Matters cover, showing a group of cat-centaurs of different fur colours running from a spliced-in snapshop of a spaceship interior to an area with grass and trees
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Nice mix, recommended
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As a general note I'd like to say: Elizabeth McCoy Obviously is obviously big on worldbuilding, including conlanging. The second in my eyes is a bit problematic. It's mostly that something like leaving "khih" and "nih" ("yes" and "no") and other words in the original Kintaran when translating a line of dialogue seems illogical to me, and makes reading less smooth than it could be. (The vocabulary is given in a glossary up front in each story.)

On the plus side, I think that she does a very good job of working in information about her universe in small, natural-feeling bits—in these stories I never had the feeling of being stuck in an unneccessary infodump. Aspects of Kintaran culture are shown organically through actions or thoughts of the characters in the stories.

On to the individual tales:

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I went shopping for plants this morning - bought two lilies (one orange, one probably yellow), a few dark-leaved impatiens, and an orchid. The impatiens are on the graveyard now; the gazanias did not like it there (probably not enough sun).

When I started clearing a bed for the gazanias it started to rain a little, but stopped after a minute. After I'd planted those, I started clearing thistles (again) from another bed, and it started raining a bit (again). Thought I'd work through it, and a minute later it turned into a downpour. Had to wait it out in the storage shed/former chicken coop because if I'd gone to the house, I'd've been drenched.

I posted a list of Friday Flash stories from last week that I liked, and the review, which took longer to write and format than I'd anticipated.

Do you find my reviews helpful? Do I include enough detail, or too much? I'd appreciate feedback so I can write stuff that interests you folks. :)

Tomorrow: Grocery shopping, posting to DA and tuesdayserial, drawing; possibly writing (just now synching the writing files between laptops)

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