July 7th, 2011


Mirrors and Doors

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The witch queen was satisfied with her newest work. She smiled at the master artisan as she handed him the heavy purse he had earned for delivering a working basis. Creating a truly perfect duplicate of a door in the Empress's palace was impossible - if for no other reason, then for the wood grain - but the fifth attempt had been close enough to link them.

Nodding and smiling as the artisan bowed, the witch queen considered rumours about herself. A mirror that could take her wherever she wanted if she stepped through it... would that things were so easy.

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Hm, I'll have to have another look at the crossposter... I have created a separate field for Notes including content warnings, which gets displayed on my website, but not crossposted, which is not so good in cases when it's needed...

This week's drabble also had another note that didn't get crossposted: I think the "travelling through mirrors" topic has been in my backbrain since The 10th Kingdom. The trigger that made me pick it up now was an In Nomine drabble by archangelbeth (which I don't get since I don't know In Nomine).

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The Business Rusch: Slush Pile Truths - something about pointing out the elitism resonates with me. :P
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