June 10th, 2011


If you waste not

Diane picked through open shelves and big boxes, trying to find clothes that didn’t clash, but were comfortable and sturdy enough to carry furniture in. She left the house wearing a sweater inherited from her older sister, a pair of jeans her aunt had been tired of, and a jacket worn ratty by a succession of cousins. She had inherited enough to fill up three wardrobes…

The trip took longer than planned, and yielded just one piece of furniture. Finding clothes to start filling it that fit and appealed to her had taken a long time.

So worth it.

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Friday morning...

...and I've been frazzled.

Wrangling Drupal is interesting, and I'm even starting to get it to do what I want, mostly. I really like the idea of a website that saves fiction, blog posts and images in the same system, rather than using different tag clouds and search systems... what I haven't figured out would be dynamic next/previous links (with gallery 2, if you do a search, you can page through the search results). Uploading all my art again is also rather daunting. Need to figure out something there.

Oh, well.

In case anyone reading this doesn't know it yet, Sketch Fest starts in 12 hours. Get your prompts and/or pencils ready! :D

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