June 7th, 2011



Day started great: I'm banned from Starchat, with no idea why.

Ehwell. I've been tinkering with Drupal (version 6, not 7, because more add-ons work, including importing from Wordpress), and making some headway. I think it'll work very nicely for archiving fiction. Not sure yet how to handle images.

In the afternoon my mother and I tidied up the garage, and hung a tarp to park the car under to protect it from bird droppings.

Figure & Gesture Drawing Tool has photos to practise drawing on, including functions that will show you a given pose for 30 seconds, 2 minutes, and a few more settings - both of humans and animals. (shared by [twitter.com profile] gloriapike)
It's similar to Posemaniacs' Thirty Second Drawing thing, which uses skin-less poser models, and is glitchy on my computer for some reason.

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