June 2nd, 2011


Drabble: How Afraid Is Afraid Enough?

When can you run away?

If your heartbeat pounds so loudly in your ears you can’t make out the words of a challenge? If your arm falters, your fingers tremble, useless? If your mouth is dry as a dusty road, if your voice fled already, with your breath longing to follow?

But there was no difference between trying and failing, or failing for not trying. She’d be ridiculed either way.

“Gail? Do you need the blackboard?”

“No, I prepared handouts.” As those were passed around, she clutched her prompt cards, cleared her throat, and began, “My topic is Nicolaus Copernicus.”

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Thursday the second

I inked the image I'm working on - traced on a new sheet, that is. I'll do it again tomorrow, because I goofed up and inked background where an arm belonged.

Today's Friday Flash was something I came up with yesterday evening and wrote down on paper. Sometimes I think words flow more easily like that than on a keyboard.

I also tried setting up my smaller laptop, whose keyboard I like better, for writing, but, well... the Ubuntu installation broke the Windows installation, and while Ubuntu boots up pretty quickly, which is nice, yWriter5 doesn't work properly, which isn't. (Stuff like the cursor appearing a way away from the place where changes appear when you stop, sometimes you can't resize a window, it doesn't save your font choice (which isn't that trivial, because with some font the cursor problem isn't that severe).

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