June 1st, 2011


Emergency Experiments in Gardening

About a month ago I started air layering a branch of one of my Japanese maples.

I had no idea how long that’d take, and didn’t know how long to wait before I could peek, but it got taken out of my hands.

Yesterday we had rain and wind, and apparently that made the top of the shoot too heavy, and it broke. Now, it broke where I’d cut into the wood and would have cut the top part off – after there’d been enough roots to plant it somewhere.

So, well, time to check how it’s doing.

That’s some callus there, and one little white root poking to the right. Though there were the beginnings of a few more just visible. (That’s my thumbnail at the bottom, for scale.)

So I cut it back a good deal so there aren’t so many leaves from which water evaporates, stuck it into a pot with more of the seed and cutting soil (the end is a way under the surface, so the poor little stick won’t fall over), and wait.

I put a freezer bag over the whole thing to keep the air around it humid, and put it in a place without direct sun so in its mini greenhouse it won’t burn up. I figure the chances are better than with a plain cutting, since there are roots starting to grow, whose tips presumably can absorrb water and nutrients as they should, but we’ll see.

Anyway, the principle works, so one of those days I’ll start on one of the dissectum varieties. (wikipedia photo, for the curious.)

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Wednesday the First

Grocery shopping and the emergency gardening mentioned in the other post were a productive start to the day, but then I got kinda sidetracked... Oh, wait, I also "finished" the forum for the Character Art Exchange, and then did a bit of troubleshooting with the help of moon_fox.

Still got sidetracked and neither wrote nor drew anything.

I think it might be a good idea to drop Friday Flash, or at least put it on hiatus. I hold in my mind too much stuff I should be doing, which makes me less productive. On the other hand, I don't want to drop it. Gnah.

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