May 26th, 2011



Shopping. Prepping stuff for the birthday coffee. Shoveling dirt into the wall my uncle built, and fetching stuff for him. Eating delicious cake.

Now I'm tired.

Going to write and post a random bit of flash, though.

Photos of a white kiwi chick
twapa has posted an Illustrated lifelist of birds she has seen and drawn (or painted, or embroidered)

Er, that doesn't mean she took thread and needle to birds to decorate them. German has two words there, "sticken" (in the appropriate tense "gestickt"), which is just plain doing embroidery, and "[etwas] besticken" ("bestickt"), which is transitive (that is, it required an object) and means to decorate something with embroidery. *cuts more detailed explanations* I think being tired might make me rambly.

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Dragon Sparking Problems

Worry and irritation mingled in Sylvie’s mind. Ayu-Asra, the two-headed pet dragon she could not get rid of, had gotten her thrown out of an inn, and she had really looked forward to not having to sleep outside.

Not that she could blame the landlord. A glance at the animal trailing her by alternately running along the top of the fence next to the street and gliding a short distance showed her that its chest was still glowing faintly. Maybe she should have claimed this was normal and harmless, rather than admitting he had never done that before. The dragon didn’t seem bothered, so maybe it was harmless, but what could it be? He was able to breathe fire, so maybe something going wrong there? Trying to remember if she’d ever heard of a dragon overheating and exploding, Sylvie flinched as Ayu-Asra whistled shrilly and veered off towards an orchard.

After a furtive look around, Sylvie followed to see what had him so excited, or what damage she would have to apologise for.

She found him chasing insects, his heads occasionally fighting each other for the fattest bugs.

Luminous fluid sprayed from the fat glow-worm corpses.

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