May 11th, 2011


Gallery update

Wow. I’ve been sorta out of sorts art-wise while working up to graduating. And I didn’t scan most of the drawing I did for classwork. Oops.

Well, this is overdue; here are the few random images I drew this year:

Then there are the character portraits I drew on request a bit over a month ago. I posted them as I finished them on LJ and Dreamwidth, so I’ll cut them here.

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Wednesday with tired

Woke up at 5:20 and got up 20 minutes later when it didn't seem like I could fall asleep again. For me, that's very early.

Stuff I did today includes
  • updating the About page on my website (I don't really like writing stuff like that)
  • making sure my offline version of the  site is the same as the one online.
  • hunting down the files of sketches I scanned in January (which were on my little laptop, whose power supply I can't find, but a quick search found that the power supply meant to go with that laptop has the same output as the one that came with the new one, so that worked) so that I could update my gallery.
  • planting tomatoes, weeding
And now I'm tired.

Found fuzzy things!

I snagged two pink eggs! With the one that hatched today, chances are... I'll get three girls... XD
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