May 5th, 2011


Drabble: Messenger

Nico had the vague impression that the impact crater was too small for the body that had caused it. She also had the distinct impression that the molten mass at the bottom, deep iridescent green like beetle wings, was not a meteorite, particularly when it started moving.

It flowed together and rose, like a slime mold attempting to take on a humanoid form.

A psychic message flooded Nico’s mind, which put it in words as “Fear not!”

After a moment’s pause, she answered, “If you’re going to tell me I’m pregnant, there will be trouble.”

That left the angel confused.

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Thursday with tired

Frosted strawberries. Photo taken this May morning. Boo for g... on Twitpic
Ground frost. Should be the last for this season about now. This photo's from yesterday, but this morning things looked similar.

I got an early start and a housework-productive morning, but then kinda crashed. With the waking up early lately, I guess I need to make a habit of going to bed really early, too.

Two of the overdue art trade participants sent word, and one of those followed it up with art. I'll probably start the next round tomorrow.
On DA, the traditional media submissions are mostly caught up with, whee.

Found Have some jellyfish mermaids. Images may contain boobies.

Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!

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