May 3rd, 2011


Pokemon, after all

I did pick up a copy of Pokemon Black. I like that the start of the game was condensed compared to earlier versions (no mini-missions before you get your starter, your Pokedex, or your first batch of Pokeballs), and that you can catch critters with Pickup on the first route. Yay, free items. XD
I picked the grass starter, because I always do.

Speaking of critters:
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Experiments in gardening

Let me introduce you properly to one of my Japanese maples.

This is the one that went feral. It was a grafted one with leaves that had white edges, but that graft died either last summer, or the summer before that, presumably because I too often neglected to water it.

Now, I wouldn’t mind, because the wild shoots are pretty enough, but there’s a problem: It looks like the rot from the stump is spreading.

Since I wanted to try air layering to get a plant to turn into a bonsai, anyway, I guess this maple it now a guinea pig.

The idea of air layering is to have the plant grow roots on a branch, so that that branch can be cut off and planted elsewhere.

I picked an interesting looking part of the plant, removed some twigs that were in the way, as well as an about 1 cm wide stripe of bark and a layer of wood below that. Then I spread some plant hormone that should encourage root formation on the upper edge, and put a loop of wire right below it.

I got a flimsy plastic flower pot (the kind you buy plants in and that are supposed to be thrown away) and cut a slit in the side and a hole in the bottom, so I could slip it around the cut. I placed that pot so the cut was in the middle of it, put adhesive tape over the slit down the side, and filled the pot with potting soil meant for seedlings and cuttings.

We’ll see how this goes, eventually.

I also stuck some onions from the kitchen that started growing leaves in the ground, to see what happens.

One successful experiment is the azalea. It had been a very unhappy plant on the graveyard, and the autumn before last I brought it home, put it in a pot, and cut it down to nothing but two sticks. It looks like this now:

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Tuesday with musings

I wonder if a habit of "being nice to yourself" - e.g. curling up with a good book and chocolate, or whatever else you consider a treat - when you feel down doesn't turn into training yourself to feel down, so you (subconsciously) have an excuse to take a nice break. I guess the other end of the spectrum would be beating yourself up for feeling bad, which isn't exactly helpful.

I guess mowing the lawn and yard was more sensible, all things considered, including that the stuff doesn't get shorter and thus the job not easier.
Getting stuff done feels nice.

I've inked the MAX image, letting it dry overnight hoping that will be enough to have it not smear. Also been sketching a bit, while half-watching The Dark Knight. I prefer Batman Forever, really. The Joel Schumacher films were fun.

Oh, and I haven't forgotten the Character Art Exchange, it's just that only two people have turned in their April art so far. I guess I'll send mail around tomorrow. No-one emailed me about uploads suddenly not working, or anything like that...

[personal profile] beccastareyes explains where planetary astronomy missions come from. Second part of an ongoing series that can be found at the "threeweeks" tag.
I like reading Becca blogging about science. It's fun to read.

Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!

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