April 8th, 2011



PSA: Looks like Livejournal comment notifications are a bit spotty at the moment.

Because, y'know, that drabble has more comments than I got notifications.
I wish humour'd work for me more often. XD

Today we washed and waxed the car, and changed three wheels. The fourth wouldn't come off.

Finishing one of the request pics per day only worked out in the average only. I finished the ones for i_id, jeriendhal today.

Finished requests: one for i_id, Skyler for @sirtalen, and on... on Twitpic

The one for Eliza... I ruined one during inking, and wasn't that happy with it, and had another three goes, and when those didn't work out, either, I pared it down to a portrait directly lifted from one of the photos. Sorry, but, uhm, I do want to finish this. It's inked, colouring to come.
The one for ellenmillion is inked likewise, but with less frustration.