April 4th, 2011


Free small art

All filled up, folks, no more.

I'm looking for a bit of help pulling myself out of an art slump (and, frankly, trying to make something I could use as samples on teenycom), so, you get to request art.

  • I'll draw images in A6 size (about 4x6 inches), inked outlines coloured with markers (and possibly detailing with coloured pencils, acrylic ink...) - Examples: Deviantart folder with postcard-sized stuff I've drawn
  • You'll get a web resolution scan (500 pixels on the long side) and my blessings to use it as basis for icons if you wish.
  • I won't draw highly sexualised poses, and reserve the right to not draw other things that make me uncomfortable.
  • To get some varied samples, I've set themes for 4 of the 7 slots. The remaining three can be either "repeats" of a slot taken by someone else, or something not covered (animal, flower, spaceship, abstract...)
  • I want to finish at least one of those per day, so it should be over at most a week from now.
  • I will not give in-progress steps to OK: You request and get the finished image.

To claim a slot, leave a comment here telling me who or what you want to have drawn, liking to references if available. For characters, a note about their general attitude, or the expression you'd like them drawn with would be nice.

  • Human or humanoid chibi - taken by jeriendhal - done
  • Human or humanoid portrait - taken by ellenmillion - done
  • Anthro chibi - taken by kyetsu - done
  • Anthro portrait - taken by truekaia - done
  • taken by Eliza - done
  • taken by i_id - done
  • taken by chibiqueen - done

Upgrades for tippers: Anyone who tips at all will get a 300dpi scan and can print out a copy (or more) for their own use. Anyone who "tips" $5 or more will get the original sent via snailmail. My paypal email is anke.wehner@gmail.com

Monday, Monday

I woke up at half past two from a nightmare - something involving zombies. Worst part was that apart from me and a few other people I was running with, normal people DID NOT BELIEVE they were zombies, even with the shambling horde starting to attack them. Slowly.
Took me well over an hour to go back to sleep, and then around 6 the garbage collection woke me up again.
In the course of the day, I dropped and shattered a glass. And LJ is suffering from another DDoS attack. It's a Monday, Monday.

It's not all bad, though. Since the whole sketching thing is still going slow, and I have two way, way overdue art trades I don't dare tackle yet as rusty as I am, I went and offered free art requests for small scale stuff, and, in between LJ outages, actually got the first one done and delivered.
Dancing Dragons - two characters from the webcomic http://ral... on Twitpic
Maybe I should have specified "one character", but, eh, at least I got an idea when I saw the couple pic they gave as a reference. As of this writing, there are still three slots open, so if you catch LJ while it's up, you can still sign on.