March 25th, 2011


Flash Fiction: Prayers

Some thoughts want to circle in your mind endlessly, stealing time, blurring focus. Doubts and worries are fond of that. They crave attention. They need some of it, rightfully, too, but take as much as they can get.

I’ve found that some rituals help. I guess it’s how confessionals help those that belong to a church that practices it.

I don’t, so I had to try and come up with my own way to take those thoughts out of my head so I could have a good look at them, giving them what they wanted, with the effect that I needed.

That’s why I spent more time than some people liked carving the names of friends on little wood plackets, and “be safe” on the reverse, and burned them. Carving takes more time than writing. Fingers and eyes work, the mind remembers the person. My worries for my absent friends go up in smoke and crumble to ashes.

Today’s problem is harder. The people I killed yesterday… I don’t know their names. I hardly know their faces. What I have to focus on to anchor them outside my head is their deaths, my blade cutting their flesh, their blood covering my hands.

There is still the impulse to fight guilt with justifications and apologies, when what is needed is one undiluted prayer: Rest in peace.

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Goodness gracious me, I really need to find my sense of humour again.

Unfortunately the only thing that comes to mind is how Nico had kittens, and she doesn't want to talk about that. And it might not be funny.