January 14th, 2011


Magic Running in the Family

Nora had not seen her grandmother in over a decade. Her parents had moved so far away visits were inconvenient, and were postponed to “next year”, until it was too late.

The conversation with and between the rest of the family was awkward, punctuated by sobs and too-long hugs. She turned her attention to the knicknacks around the room, and the memories the familiar one awoke. A box-frame holding a single feather caught her eye.

The phoenix feather. I remember. It was magic. Now she recognised it for a simple red feather with glued-on glitter.

After some careful negotiation with her father and his sisters, she took it to the funeral, to place it in her grandmother’s coffin.

A year later, and in the second trimester, she stood in a crafts shop, in one hand goose feathers, dyed, in the other a small jar of duo-colour metallic paint, red and gold, contemplating magic in children’s eyes.

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Oookay, what'd I get done today?
  • Sketching for an art exchange - I got something that is not just "standing there", so that is good.
  • Writing one and a half bits of flash fiction.
  • More copyediting for jeriendhal , though I want to double-check some stuff before I send it over.
  • Some tinkering with the way the character lists on characterartexchange.com are displayed, so the screenshots I need for examples for my paper are neater.
Also, online "window"shopping for a new PC. Then my mother suggested we might just swap laptops (hers is newer, bigger, and kinda over-powered for her needs) which is worth a try. But I'll definitely finish my paper on THIS one, not moving all my files over, even if we do go through with it.

In other news, I managed to jam two of my fingers yesterday experimenting with my camera tripod, and cut one on my right hand on a small plastic tub of seasoned butter. Wonder what'll happen tomorrow, or if that is it.