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My head was too crammed with coding for characterartexchange.com the last three weeks for writing, but I’ll try to restart the Friday Flash habit next week.

Meanwhile, here’s most of the rest of the art-crop from this year. They’re all drawn for other people, 4 for “secret santa” exchanges, 3 as gifts, though one of the characters in the last pic is my own.

2010-12-30_SoniaAndSocksForQuoting_mungo.jpg 2010-12-15_MAX10-12a_VesForRoo.jpg 2010-12-02_mrcaex10-12_HitsujiForToraneko.jpg 2010-11-14_Tez.jpg Running 2010-10-15_MLPs.png Caught a Fochs

See you next year, at the latest. Happy New One!

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