December 19th, 2010


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We have 20 cm (8 inches) of snow.


This is pretty unusual. It's awesome!

It's also supposed to last only until tomorrow, because the day after the weather forecast predicts 6°C.

In other neat news, the first orchid bloom opened. ^_^

Coding today was taken up by making the upload form smart enough to resize an image that's over the allowed file size limit. If it's a png it asks if it should try saving an a jpg, and in general it asks if it should resize/shrink the image.
That's why I wrote the general image-shrinking function yesterday.

It took a lot of testing until I had all wrinkles I could find ironed out, so I kept my fingers off the Adoptions system. I did throw in a working "Delete" link on one's own reference images, and links to the Adoptions Gallery.

I think that leaves finishing Adoptions and possibly improving site structure and navigation before I have to concentrate on documentation, and new features need to wait.

And I should not forget to draw an image for this round...