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December 3rd, 2010 - Anke — LiveJournal

In Katie’s garden everything grew. She first put this to a test planting jelly beans, being rewarded with a miniature tree bearing sweets. Post-it bookmarks grew into a plant with rectangular leaves in neon colours. An USB stick buried sprouted small chips covering the ground, moss-like. A pin was a seed for a silvery bristling cactus.

Everything grew, bigger every day, until there was hardly any room to move left. The plants were starting to spread beyond the boundary.

Katie planted a coal. It brought forth fire, blooming brilliantly.

Many thanks to Ree for the prompt.

What would YOU plant in such a garden?

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listen!7! - blab?
I think the earache is gone. Yay! I went shopping for groceries today, and while I was on it also got some cough drops, just in case...

Just fixed a little bug - I had accidentally removed the code that added a new round to the database. X(

Creative stuff
I wrote the bit of Flashfiction that was (cross)posted earlier.

Online activities
Cleaned out the comments/replies/activities portions of my DA gallery and voted on the traditionalmedia submissions. Have a fairy.

I think I may have to cut back on the mailinglist stuff. Takes up too much time, even if it is interesting.