October 17th, 2006


Sort-of reviews

Django - the story of a man and his coffin. Quite funny at the beginning, quite nasty towards the end.
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Bone by Jeff Smith
I heard it praised to the skies, and borrowed the first 2 books from the local library (the first 6 issues of the original version or 'Out From Boneville"), and I couldn't get into it.

For my taste the character designs of the three main characters were too simple. Yeah, I know, simplified is difficult... but those were just too bland to me.
The fact that they were an egomaniac bastard, an annoying fool and a mostly bland everyman didn't help. In addition to that the latter falling for a human girl set off my "ARGH, species looking vastly different should have different standards of beauty"-pet peeve.

I mean, how big are the chances of a human perceiving someone who's twice as tall as themselves and have utterly un-humanlike proportions as attractive? meh.

Post today:
Received: postcrossing card from the USA (Colorado), showing a bull elk, and an envelope with 5 oversized postcards from Malaysia, as thank you for a postcrossing card I sent there o_O :D
Sent: 4 official postcrossing cards, one of those a tin card in an envelope, 3 to Finland, 1 to the UK; ATC PIF Twist to PerfectlyNormal, PIF Twist to Misti_Ko