Anke (ankewehner) wrote,

The Fridaily (well, it was still Friday somewhere, I think) fiction this week was based on a dream. The grasshopper was directly from it. Squeezing odd things from zits is sort of a recurring theme in my dreams, considering I don't really remember dreams that often. I remember a lump of solidified pus the size of a marble, and a length of sewing thread, and then one the day before yesterday with two caraway seeds followed by a friggin' grasshopper.

There was unrelated stuff I remember from that night... Like there was a girl being interviewed on the radio about writing one of my characters. I felt pretty bad because, what'd I say? "They're taking him away from me", to which my mother said if I wanted to avoid that, I should stop writing.

And said character was invited along to a family dinner with my father's side of the family.

Entirely unrelated, there was a guy to which I rambled about something or other related to politics, and he said that listening to me ramble was like marrying my underwear. I'msure he said that, because I asked to make sure. (meant "too personal", I guess).

Dreams are weird.

Meanwhile in the real world, if my computer can be considered part of the real world, I spent a lot of time coding. The Adoptions stuff isn't finished yet. Displaying a "X owes Y and image from round Z" works, and I think I've decided how to mark an image as an adoption.
Instead of finishing that, I did a page that'll let me add pairings from old rounds easily.

It's finished enough to ask at least the people who have participated so far to register. Then I can go and write in the old trades.


well, except if someone reports a bug...
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