Anke (ankewehner) wrote,

Whee, brainfried!

The character art exchange site got added features, namely the ability to replace an existing image with a new upload (plus saving the old image just in case), and converting and deleting the various one-character sources (just a name, or a link to a profile, or a local profile).

And some smallstuff like streamlining bits of code, and adding png support.

stuff do do
  • Come up with some way to handle adoptions.
  • Something to convert a user account between on-site and OpenID... Or at least to claim an OpenID account, because I want the old rounds there, and would have to add currently inactive members with their LJ accounts, and like that.
  • Add to the edit functions to allow , let's see...
    • adding a second recipient to an image (the backend is ready for that)
    • changing recipients and rounds on images (might keep that admin only as not to confuse matters, or else put in safeguards... I don't think this is high priority)
    • Give me a way to remove people from a round before I make up pairings
  • Go through the site to check for links that should be there/would be helpful.
  • I'd really like to add a forum... but I guess I can put that off a bit.

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